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This quest is obtained from a crying orc named Broggnar on the beach West of Cyseal Harbour. Note that if you find and dig the grave belonging to the orc's brother beforehand, you will never receive this quest.


  1. Head out of the city from the arch directly to the West of the Cyseal Harbour Waypoint Portal.
  2. Head North past all the corpses and then West.
  3. Talk to Broggnar to initiate the quest. Ask him what the burial ritual is.
  4. In the dialogue that ensues, choose to know more about the grave for +1 Materialistic or to leave the bereaving orc alone for +1 Spiritual. Choosing the spiritual option will complete the quest and give you no XP. Following are instructions for if you choose the Materialistic option.
  5. At this point, you could just find the grave yourself though you will lose out on 1080 XP.. Go West from Broggnar to find 4 torches. The grave is right above them on the sandy patch, and you will need 10 Perception to see it.
  6. Speak to Broggnar again and try to convince him to tell you where the grave is exactly (645 Charisma XP). Pick the Reason choice for a +1 bonus in the mini game.
  7. Broggnar will take you to his brother's grave (180XP). You will still need 10 Perception to be able to spot the grave, though you can also stand on the dig spot and manually use the shovel. Broggnar will attack you if he sees you defiling the grave. Kill him for 900XP.
  • NOTE: Coordinates of body are x100 y71.


  • 645 Charisma XP for winning the RPS game
  • 180XP if Broggnar takes you to the grave
  • 900XP for killing Broggnar
  • Orc Body ArmourDOS Items Unique Orc Body Armour.jpg and Metal Orc HelmetDOS Items Unique Metal Orc Helmet.jpg from the grave