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The Holy Weapons is a book in Divine Divinity.




There are three powerful weapons in the world that belong together, but cannot be together at the same time.

You need to find all three of them, but to use one you will have to sacrifice the other two. It won't be easy to find them, because they are hidden in very different corners of our world.

The first is a mighty sword in the possession of the Dukes of Stormfist Castle. But the dukes of Ferol surrender treasure as easily as orcs surrender their honour. But the sword alone is useless, nothing more than a decorative bauble.

The second artefact is a nobly designed dagger, once in the possession of the merchants in Verdistis. But alone the dagger is nothing more than a childish status symbol.

The third artefact is an amulet and was long the property of the elven lord, Umarion. The clan of that elven lord died out through drink and excessive poetry many years ago. The amulet may be buried in the grave of one of Umarion's family members.

Once you have gathered all three items, you must bring them to the crypt, the entrance is north of the old church. If you have the three, the ceremony can be performed. Two will vanish, but the remaining artefact will be activated as a weapon of great power.

By the way, there are rumours about the existence of a fourth holy artefact, a silver set of armour. But it is not necessary to find this armour to perform the above ceremony.

A last word of warning: Don't disturb the slumber of the guardians in the crypt!