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The Imprisoned Elf is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Start the quest by:
  • Keep the Boss Happy (sub-quest)
    • Agree to retrieve Griff's stolen goods
    • Loot the crate near Stingtail (x:194, y:72)
    • Speak with Stingtail and persuade him to part with the Drudanae
    • Return to Griff
    • Decide
      • Tell Griff who is the thief
        • Kill the assassin Silence and speak to Stingtail
      • Do not tell Griff who is the thief
        • Kill Griff
  • Make the Boss Pay (sub-quest)
    • Kill Griff and his subordinates
    • Retrieve the stolen goods from Stingtail and bring them to Griff
  • Speak with released Amyro
  • Speak with Saheila

Detailed walkthrough[]

In a cage at the south of Fort Joy camp is a sick elf, named Amyro. Upon attempting to speak to him Griff will call out to advise the Sourcerer to leave him alone and will explain that he is a thief that stole his oranges. Agree to retrieve Griff's stolen fruit and head south to Stingtail's camp. There look for a marked crate behind his tent and loot it (x:194, y:72). Afterwards, speak to Stingtail and convince him to return the stolen goods (Persuasion relies on Intelligence, Memory and Finessse). If Sebille is in the party, she will want to speak to him first and kill him after her conversation with him; the orange can simply be taken from him body afterwards, however this means loosing the only Pyrokinetic skill trader in the Fort Joy.

Return to Camp Kitchen and hand over the Unusually Large Orange to Griff. Griff will afterwards ask who stole them. If you tell him of Stingtail, and he is still alive,, Griff will send an assassin, Silence to kill him. Regardless of if Stingtail is still alive, Griff will release Amyro, speak to him and he will advise that Saheila must not die within the camp and request that the party follow him to the Caverns.

Upon entering the caverns, speak to Saheila. Once the conversation has ended, the quest will be completed.


General rewards[]

Keep the Boss Happy[]

  • 1450 experience (at level 3) - Giving Griff the Unusually Large Orange and telling him about Stingtail
  • 1000 experience (at level 3) - For killing assassin Silence
  • 600 experience (at level 3) - For saving Stingtail
  • 250 experience (at level 3) - Persuading Stingtail to hand over the Unusually Large Orange
  • Hero tag - Giving Griff the Unusually Large Orange and not telling him about Stingtail

Make the Boss Pay[]

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