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The Imprisoned Elf is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin.

Quick walkthrough Edit

Side quest: The Imprisoned Elf
Speak to the caged elf in kitchen camp
Agree to recover Griff's stolen goods
Retrieve the oranges from Stingtail
Return the oranges to Griff
Kill the assassin Silence
Speak to Stingtail
Speak to Amyro
Follow Amyro to the Caverns
Speak to Saheila
Leads to The Tribe of Saheila

Detailed walkthrough Edit

In a cage at the south of Fort Joy camp is a sick elf, named Amyro. Upon attempting to speak to him Griff will call out to advise the Sourcerer to leave him alone and will explain that he is a thief that stole his oranges. Agree to retrieve Griff's stolen fruit and head south to Stingtail's camp.

Upon reaching the camp, speak to Stingtail and convince him to return the stolen goods. If Sebille is in the party, she will want to speak to him first and kill him after her conversation with him; the orange can simply be taken from him body afterwards.

Return to Fort Joy camp and hand over the orange, when asked advise that Stingtail is the thief. If he is still alive, Griff will send an assassin, Silence to kill him. Regardless of if Stingtail is still alive, Griff will release Amyro, speak to him and he will advise that Saheila must not die within the camp and request that the party follow him to the Caverns.

Upon entering the caverns, speak to Saheila. Once the conversation has ended, the quest will be completed.

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