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You sang the song. Now you must decide my fate.

The Lady Vengeance is a Magister ship, crafted from lifewood.


Originally an ancestor tree from the elven forests, the Lady Vengeance was torn from her roots and crafted into the ship she became. Through the figurehead at the front she is able to communicate, however she has been scarred on one side and without the correct means of initiating conversation with her, she will burn those who approach.

Once liberated from the Magister fleet by Malady and the Godwoken, the Lady Vengeance becomes their base of operations and means of travel. Although crafted for the sea, she often sails her new crew through the Hall of Echoes to their destination, with the assistance of Malady's own magic. On approaching Arx she is in fact shipwrecked on land, seemingly to never sail again. However, in the preceding 2 years she is restored to a seaworthy state and falls under the command of Godwoken once again.


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Notable inhabitants[]

Original Sin 2[]

Fallen Heroes[]

Ship upgrades[]

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Interactions with player character[]

  • Upon awakening it and asking who the ship is, characters with "Mystic" tag have unique dialogue option


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