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You sang the song. Now you must decide my fate.

The Lady Vengeance is a sentient Magister ship crafted from livewood that sails the seas of Rivellon in 1242 AD.


Originally an ancestor tree from the elven forests, The Lady Vengeance was torn from her roots and crafted from livewood into a magister vessel. Through the figurehead at the front she is able to communicate, however she has been scarred on one side and without the correct means of initiating conversation with her, she will burn those who approach.

Once liberated from the Magister fleet by Malady and the Godwoken, The Lady Vengeance becomes their base of operations and means of travel. Although crafted for the sea, she often sails her new crew through the Hall of Echoes to their destination, with the assistance of Malady's own magic. On approaching Arx she is in fact shipwrecked on land, seemingly to never sail again. However, in the preceding 2 years she is restored to a seaworthy state and falls under the command of Godwoken once again.


Main Deck[]


Upon awakening the figurehead and asking who the ship is, characters with "Mystic" tag have a unique dialogue option. The incinerated body of a magister holds a Sodden Diary.

Upper Deck[]

Storage Chest is a site of permanent storage that follows the Godwoken through all four acts.

Lower Deck[]

Magic mirror[]

The Magic Mirror allows for the respeccing (redistribution of attributes, abilities, and talents) of player characters.


An unconscious Bishop Alexandar can be found here when the Godwoken first arrive on The Lady Vengeance.

Dallis's stateroom[]

The Lady Vengeance will only allow access to this chamber once two things are obtained: the Strange Gem is obtained from Alexandar and a passphrase ("Fortitude") learned from the Sodden Diary found on the burned magister by the figurehead on the main deck.

Treasure chamber[]

Both doors to this room are initially locked and cannot be opened with Thievery. To enter, step on the pressure next to Dallis's bed (X:326 Y:501), then press the newly revealed button on the wall nearby (X:326 Y:508) with a separate character.

Secret room[]

This room can be reached by using the Teleporter Pyramid (Red) or the hidden ladder in Dallis's stateroom. A pair of The Hammer's Pets may be found here, depending on your earlier actions. A Teleporter Pyramid (Blue) can be found here.

Waypoint shrines[]

  • The Lady Vengeance

Connected Locations[]

Ship upgrades[]

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Divinity: Original Sin II
Divinity: Fallen Heroes

Creatures and Unnamed NPCs[]

Interior decks:

  • Skeletal Cat (level 4, 200 XP) ×1 - in Dallis's stateroom
  • The Hammer's Pet (level 8, 2900 XP/ea.) ×2 - in the secret room (conditional)
  • Dallis' Assistant (Level 8, 725 XP/ea.) ×2 - on the upper deck, aft side

Battle on the high seas:

  • Gheist (level 8, 2900 XP/ea.) ×2
  • Silent Monk (level 8, 725 XP/ea.) ×3
  • Weaponised Monk (level 8, 725 XP/ea.) ×2


  • Hallorn's Blade - on Kerban's body, on the main deck
  • Sodden Diary - on a dead magister, on the main deck
  • Strange Gem - on Bishop Alexandar
  • Loose plank - lower deck, at (X:305 Y:493)
  • Teleporter Pyramid (Red) - in Dallis' stateroom
  • A Brewer's Appendix - in Dallis' stateroom
  • Rhymes of the Ranger, Part 2 - in Dallis' stateroom
  • Rhymes of the Ranger, Part 3 - in Dallis' stateroom
  • Dallis' Draft Letter - in Dallis' stateroom
  • Dusty Tome (Ancient Empire Songbook) - on Dallis' desk, in Dallis' stateroom
  • Small Strongbox - a unique small container next to Dallis' bed, in Dallis' stateroom
  • Dallis' Diary - in the small strongbox next to Dallis' bed, in Dallis' stateroom
  • Steam Lance Skillbook - in a locked ornate chest in Dallis' stateroom, at (X:329 Y:492)
  • Teleporter Pyramid (Blue) - in the secret room
  • A Jar of Mind Maggots - in the secret room
  • Key - in the secret room
  • The Reckoning - found after the battle on the seas if Dallis is defeated (if not previously obtained)




  • 7200 total experience
    • 3600 for entering Dallis' stateroom
    • 3600 for entering the secret room


  • The pair of [[the Hammer's Pet]|The Hammer's Pets] encountered in the secret room are the exact same ones you face during the Atusa encounter. Thus, they will not appear here if previously killed


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