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The Legend of Ulfmar the Mariner and Other Stories - Volume 2 is part two of a three-book series in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


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As all those poor sailors were being devoured by the deep-sea monstrosity, panic started to spread aboard my own ship. We would be next, everyone was certain about it. I didn't much have time to think of a solution, even though it is the duty of a Captain to take tough decisions in even the most difficult situations.

I knew there was nowhere to hide or run, as we had been sailing for weeks without encountering a single patch of land. So I ordered my men to steer directly towards and past the giant whale. It was too busy trying to catch every last sailor in the tumultuous waters, and if luck was with us we would find an island before the monster would target us.

And lucky we were. At least that's what I thought. On the horizon beyond the mist there appeared an island and, even though it looked hauntingly eerie and uninviting, setting course for it was our last and indeed only chance of survival.

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