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The Legend of Ulfmar the Mariner and Other Stories - Volume 3 is the last part of a three-book series in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


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As we neared the island, we discerned a huge tower that seemed to be erected at its center. The sky above it kept changing from shades of fire and blood red to charcoal black, and it was filled with what appeared to be a whirl of debris. To me it seemed the building was like a static typhoon, with a dark will of its own.

Our ship quickly became uncontrollable. It was no longer responding to the helmsman's frantic attempts at steering, and was inexplicably gaining more and more speed as we headed straight towards the coast. Some preferred to dive into the sea rather than to wait for the crash. They drowned almost instantly in the merciless sea, which like a hungry beast seemed to relish in the bodies it took.

A tidal wave, then darkness. When I woke up, I hung high above the ground. Branches tangled around my right foot were the only thing that prevented a fatal fall. I spotted bodies of several of my men, crushed upon the rocks beneath me, already being picked at by hungry wyverns. And yet, an even more haunting sight was that of my drowned companions' ghosts: floating above the now silent waters, slowly wandering toward the island...

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