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The Legend of the Weresheep is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. The quest is initiated when you find any one of the books indicating the existence of the Weresheep. This quest can only be resolved once the Phantom Forest area is accessible towards the end of the game.


  1. Enter the Cyseal Old Church graveyard from the South West and follow the path until the first set of stairs. Immediately to the right are two tombs, the first belonging to Madame M. Montgomery. You will need high perception to spot the dig site between the tombs and get the book The Legend of the Weresheep.
  2. Complete Infiltrating The Immaculates until you can access eastern Luculla. After you enter the waypoint portal in Loic's basement (the room with the 2 bloodstones), head for and enter the cave to the south at the bottom of the hill.
  3. Climb the stairs to enter the main level of The Cave of Portals. Keep left while following the path and enter the first portal you see to your left. You will immediately find a dig spot when you exit the portal. Speak to the weresheep's ghost and exhaust the dialogue options.
    Important: Once you have completed the riddle of the portals (that takes you to the library), you will not be able to reach the dig spot anymore!!
  4. Find the parchment, The Last Weresheep in King Boreas' treasure room in Hiberheim. during the course of Eternal Winter.
  5. Progress through Follow The Wizard until you can get through the poison barrier that bars the way to the Phantom Forest. You want to bear North East and find the Phantom Forest - Thorny Grounds Waypoint Shrine, which is just north of the giant titan head. Head north from the Portal and you will arrive at a large, runed tree (the kickstarter tree). Place a stardust herb on the ground in front of the tree and wait a moment for the weresheep to appear.
  6. There are several ways of obtaining the weresheep's wool:
    • Trade with the Weresheep and buy the wool for 1 coin. (In the Enhanced Edition you cannot trade with it even with the Pet Pal talent, but you can pickpocket it)
    • Speak to the Weresheep and win the RPS game and the Weresheep Wool.
    • Kill the Weresheep for the wool and 12600 XP (31500 XP in EE).
  7. After obtaining the wool, go to the Elemental Forge in Northern Hiberheim from Find The Witch!
  8. Use the wool on the forge to obtain the Weresheep armor set and complete the quest (no crafting skill required).


  • Weresheep Armour, Boots, Bracers, and Helmet
  • 4590 Exploration XP
  • Optional fight : 12600 XP (EE = 31500 XP)