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The Legionnaire's Will is a side quest obtained in Cyseal from a ghostly legionnaire named Blossius, located at the mill just north of the Legionnaire Headquarters.


  1. Read Blossius's Will to trigger an inter character dialogue for a choice between +1 Compassionate or +1 Heartless.
  2. (Optional) Alter the Will using Ink Pot and Quill or Magic Ink Pot and Quill to make Blossius's Altered Will with which you become the sole benefactor of the will. There is no penalty for doing this. Do not read the will in first place if you want to get a "Mister Nice Guy" achievement *
  3. Head North from the Cyseal-Silverglen Road Waypoint Portal and into Luculla Forest.
  4. Go East then North at the fork into Silverglen.
  5. Head to the Inn to the North East of the village.
  6. Speak to the waitress, Marisa, to give her the altered/unaltered will for your reward.


  • 3375 XP
  • +1 Compassionate or +1 Heartless once you read the will
  • Lockbox with Item Lvl 12 - 13 item(s) if you altered the will.
  • Mister Nice Guy achievement if you did not alter the will. *
    • Works for enhanced edition, don't know if it is same for classic.