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The Lost Archeologist is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.

This quest can be initiated by either finding Wulfrum, the Archaeologist who has gotten himself lost on the outskirts of Cyseal or from Lieutenant Selenia opposite the Legion Barracks.

Quick Walkthrough []

  • Optional: Speak to Selenia about her missing soldiers.
  • Find Wulfrum to the northwest of Cyseal.
  • Agree or refuse to escort him.
  • Protect and Escort Wulfrum back to Cyseal.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

If starting from Selenia, speak with her about her missing soldiers and she will advise Scarlett and Roderick of the archeological escort. From here head west to the nearest exit and follow the trail west until passing the cities perimeter boundary. From here the path will veer north and west; continue until a building can be seen on the south of the path. Here Wulfrum can be found without his guard and in need of an escort back to Cyseal. At this stage the Source Hunters can agree to escort him (+1 compassion) or refuse (+1 heartless and -1 to reputation).

If the decision is made to escort him, Wulfrum will start making his way back to village; at several stages along the way, skeletal fighters will appear and target him; if the Source Hunters are not in range, they will target and overwhelm the archeologist (his death resulting in 335 XP and -1 reputation with Selenia when she discovers this).

On reaching the town entrance, Wulfrum will thank the party and head to the King Crab Inn.

This information relates exclusively to Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

At this stage return to Selenia to compete the quest and obtain +1 reputation with her

End of information relating to Original Sin: Enhanced Edition


  • 1715 XP summary for an escort
  • +1 Reputation
  • 3000 XP

or should he run off and die:

  • 335 XP
  • -1 Reputation