Wulfram hiding in plain sight

Wulfram, the Archaeologist has gotten himself lost on the outskirts of Cyseal. You can also get this quest from Lieutenant Selenia near the Legion Headquarters.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Exit Cyseal from the gate North of the Cyseal North Waypoint portal. Follow the road West until you arrive at a fork next to some bales of hay. You'll find Wulfram whimpering in the building just to the West of the bales.
    • Agree to escort him for +1 Compassionate
    • Refuse to escort him for +1 Heartless and -1 Reputation (and no XP).
  2. Assuming you've agreed to escort him, stay close to him as he likes to run off on his own and to his death. If he dies, you get 335 XP and -1 Reputation from Lt. Selenia.
  3. Kill the mobs that spawn as you escort him to the North West town archway.
  4. (Optional) Meet him at the Tavern where he thanks you again.
  5. Report back to Lieutenant Selena near the Legion Headquarters (Enhanced Edition only) for +1 Reputation


  • 1715 XP summary for an escort
  • +1 Reputation
  • 3000 XP

or should he run off and die:

  • 335 XP
  • -1 Reputation
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