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The Mad Mage's Maze is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

This quest is only available if the Cyseal quest The Talking Statues has been completed. In the swamp, by the water, towards the southeast section of the Phantom Forest is a pile of gold. When you try to interact with it, Bellegar will appear and offer you a new Waypoint location and a challenge.

  1. Approach the gold pile for 5700 Exploration XP and the meeting with Bellegar.
  2. Using Waypoint quick travel select the location: Bellegar's Maze.
  3. Travel through the area until you reach the maze, which looks somewhat like a checker board with bones, fish and cheese on the squares. Note that there are two chests hidden to the south along the way with very basic loot.
  4. Pulling the levers will change the chicken into a dog, cat, or rat which will eat their respective food:
    • Dog = Bones
    • Cat = Fish
    • Rat = Cheese
  5. By pulling the levers at the right time send the correct animal to the correct food in a circular manner around the board to the three green lit areas. The animal will continue along its food as long as the squares are connected, so the lever only needs to be pulled when changing from one food to another.
  6. As each green lit area is reached, the respective door will become unlocked. Once all three doors are unlocked the quest will end and 11475 XP will be rewarded.


  • 5700 Exploration XP
  • 11475 Quest XP
  • Two chests with legendary loot chance and a room full of golden coins