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Where sin strikes, The Hammer will fall.

The Magisters are a division of the Divine Order, who operated on Rivellon between 1233 AD and 1242 AD.[1]


Religious fanatics capable of doing anything to accomplish their leader's goal. Magisters were the second (or third) faction created in the order. Unlike their older counterpart the Paladins, magisters came from common folk and shared the same position as paladins, therefore their relationship with them was mostly sour.[2]

White Magisters are the leaders within the Magister ranks. Most of the Magisters follow them. Their leader was officially Bishop Alexandar, who was succeeded by Dallis the Hammer.

Notable Members[]

Characters Position Occupation Status
Divine Bishop Alexandar Leader Fort Joy, Nameless Isle Deceased
Dallis the Hammer Advisor (formerly), Leader Fort Joy, Nameless isle, Arx Alive
White Magister Reimond Leader under Dallis Driftwood, Arx Deceased
High Judge Orivand Leader of Fort Joy Fort Joy Deceased
Vredeman Teacher of Alexandar  Fort Joy, Nameless Isle, Arx Deceased



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