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A rival's revenge? Another merchant's madness? O, the fever of gold is reason's bane... But it matters not what drove them to daggers, it matters who drove them into my flesh! You who hears the lament of the dead: avenge me! Kill the false Baran... Give me back my name...
Spirit of Baran Levere

The Merchant is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

The Merchant is a side quest which requires Godwoken to know and use the Source spell Spirit Vision in order to begin the quest. The spell is acquired at the beginning of the quest Powerful Awakening where Godwoken must free Meistr Siva which is outside of Driftwood.

After learning the spell go into the Black Bull tavern which can be entered through large doors at X: 309, Y: 137 and small doors at X: 324, Y:155. Once inside go through the tavern and take the stairs leading to the second floor of the tavern at X:294, Y:147.

Once you enter the second floor go across the room and enter the large room at X: 228, Y: 745. There you will automatically initiate conversation with Baran Levere who asks why you are barging into his room. If you have Ifan ben-Mezd as companion it is advised to let him go into the room first in order to progress his quest Running with the Pack or let him speak with the merchant after your first character finishes conversation.

Close the door leading into the room, in order to avoid drawing attention of Magisters sitting nearby and then cast the spell Spirit Vision. A spirit of Baran Levere will appear standing at X: 233, Y: 750. Speak with his spirit and he will ask you to kill the Lone Wolf Callo who has murdered him and assumed his identity in order to hunt Godwoken.

After accepting the quest either straight attack Callo or his bodyguards or start a conversation and accuse him. Either way combat will start. "Baran Levere", Guardsman Mallic and Stefano are level 9 and have high physical armour and low magic armour, therefore using magic is advised. Attacking them will not draw nearby NPCs to either join the fight or defend them. Both guardsmen use mainly Warfare skills whilst "Baran" will use a mix of Pyrokinetic and Polymorph skills to both attack and buff himself.

Once Callo and his men are dead speak with Spirit of Baran Levere to finish the quest.


  • 7400 XP
    • 1400 XP for completing the quest
    • 2000 for killing Callo
    • 4000 XP for killing both Mallic and Stefano
  • Baran's Electrifying Dagger and Baran's Burning Dagger from dead body of Baran Levere
  • Fancy Key used to open Reinforced Fancy Chest containing random loot and Lone Wolf Mark.
    • Note that both of these can be pickpocketed by character with high enough Thievery.


  • Since Baran Levere is a merchant who sells equipment (armour and weapons) it is advised to not kill him early but wait until you are ready to sail to the Nameless Isle.
  • It is not possible to inform Mallic and Stefano about the fate of true Baran Levere.
  • While Ifan ben-Mezd recognises Callo under his disguise it does not trigger the quest to kill him nor gives him the option to confront him.