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The Naked Truth is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.


This quest is obtained from Nadia who is in her shop in Silverglen, next to the Smithy. Be sure to complete Goblin Trouble before completing this quest as Lawrence will become unavailable depending on your choices during this quest.


  1. To move forward with this quest, you will need a letter that Brandon has on his person. There are a couple of ways to get this:
    • You can complete The Troll's Bounty and choose to give up the ore to Brandon. He will give you the letter implicating Lawrence (in addition to the Tenebrium skill).
      • Note: You can give him just 1 ore by dropping the rest on the ground before you speak to him.
    • The second option is to pickpocket the letter off of Brandon. Smoke grenades or smoke arrows should be helpful if you're having trouble sneaking up to him in the town square.
  2. Use the letter Brandon provided you with to confront Lawrence.
    • Choose to take his bribe for +1 Materialistic, 1000 gold, +15 Attitude with Lawrence and 4500 XP
    • Choose to refuse the bribe for +1 Spiritual, -20 Attitude with Lawrence and 4500 XP.
  3. Talk to Nadia about proving Lawrence's guilt.
    • Keep the truth from Nadia for +1 Heartless, 3600 XP and end the quest here
    • Choose to tell her of her husband's fate for +1 Compassionate and continue the quest.
  4. Follow Nadia to Lawrence's.
    • Tell Nadia to take the money for +1 Pragmatic, 3600 XP and end the quest here
    • Tell her to shout his guilt from the rooftops for +1 Romantic and continue the quest.
  5. Follow the pair outside and watch the exchange.
    • Choose to let the mob kill Lawrence for +1 Vindictive, whatever loot Lawrence had on him and 9000 XP
    • Choose to spare Lawrence for +1 Forgiving and 9000 XP.
    • You may as well choose to stay inside the Mine Overseer's office to skip the choice and loot whatever Lawrence had on him. If you do so, you will miss on 9000 XP.
  6. Speak to Nadia at her shop. She'll let you take anything from her shop, bedroom and basement.


  • 4500 XP + 3600 / 9000 XP depending on your choices.
  • +1 Materialistic or +1 Spiritual.
  • +1 Compassionate or +1 Heartless.
  • +1 Romantic or +1 Pragmatic depending on your choices.
  • +1 Forgiving or +1 Vindictive depending on your choices.