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The Passion of the Divine is a book in Divinity II: Ego Draconis


The book can be found in Farglow, next to Frederic. It can also be found as a drop following combat.


In good impassioned tradition, this book expounds - basking in the light of a blinding halo that melts away every form of objectivity - the magnanimous deeds of the hero of heroes, the example of every warrior, the envy of every wizard, the tingle between every girl's legs: Lucian, the Divine. Most are undeserving of such lavish praise, but not the saviour of Rivellon who slew the Demon of Lies and battled tirelessly for the good of this world until a Dragon Knight, 'may Hell befall the Great Betrayer', place a dagger in his back.

Tucked behind the leather binding in the back of the book is a small addendum that explains how the Divine adopted Damian, the root of evil that would later set in motion the Great War, but, as the text reads, all of this information is hazy an inconclusive.