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Thou shalt answer four questions. Are thou ready?
Simulacrum of Lucian

The Path of Blood is a part of the Cathedral of Arx.


Built and designed by Toymaker Sanders and Lord Arhu, the Path of Blood is a part of Arx Cathedral and the first line of defence of Lucians body. Upon entering the visitor (usually a pilgrim) is asked several questions by "Simulacrum of Lucian" once it is addressed.

If the person attempts to lie, admits their sin (even if they had not committed one) or answers wrongly the Simulacrum will kill them on spot. If they answer all questions correctly, without lying they will receive Lucians blessing and the passage to the Crypt of Lucian will open.

Alongside the defence mechanism the statue is used as an idol by worshippers of the Divine.

Passing the Path of Blood[]

There are two ways of passing the Path of Blood and gaining access to the Crypt of Lucian.

  1. Have pure character and answer all questions
  2. Find a source amulet and scroll of atonement

The Pure Path[]

The Pure Path revolves around answering the questions asked by the Simulacrum of Lucian. In order to pass its judgement one must not do following things with one character. Note that releasing Deathfog upon Arx, as part of the quest Deathfog Rising, will automatically fail the Path of Blood and thus this method will become impossible to achieve afterwards.

  1. Do not steal
    • Includes manipulating (moving) items that do not belong to them.
  2. Do not kill anyone
    • This criteria includes every being including the Voidwoken
    • It is possible to harm any of the aforementioned however the last (deadly) blow must not be dealt by a Pure character
    • It is possible to use summoned creatures to kill enemies
    • It is possible to lure enemies to surfaces not created by the Godwoken
  3. Do not help any Voidwoken
    • This especially includes becoming Sworn (aka accepting Covenant)
  4. Do not purge any spirit or person
    • The Godwoken must not use the Source Vampirism ability. This especially includes the Godwokens God as part of the quest Powerful Awakening.
    • It is possible to gain source by taking puddles or source fountains.

It is possible to achieve this route by having a mercenary answer the questions.

Using the Amulet[]

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  • The Godwoken has to gain the Source Amulet and Scroll of Atonement from Toy Maker Sanders.

Interactions with Player character[]

  • Lohse has two special interactions with Lucians statue.
    • First option appears when the statue asks if Lohse had killed anyone. This option will cause the statue to repeat its question
    • Second option is available when the statue asks if Lohse had purged anyone. If Lohse is pure then this option is safe to use.
  • Godwoken with "Mystic" tag have unique dialogue option, which is safe to use if the Godwoken is pure.
  • If Godwoken had killed someone they have another interaction with "Hero" tag available when the Simulacrum asks whether they had killed. This interaction will make the Simulacrum repeat its question.
  • If Godwoken does not pass the Path of Blood and addresses the Simulacrum once more they are immediately killed again by it.
  • If the Godwoken had received Lucians Blessing, it will not go unnoticed.


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Notable inhabitants[]

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