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The Path of Life is a book in Divine Divinity.


Given by Otto just outside Nericon's Garden.


By Nemris The Wise

* The lack of knowledge has extreme consequences. That's the reason why experiences are so important in life.

* There are multiple sides to every situation, just as there two sides (and an edge) to every coin. If you know only one side of a matter, you are almost sure to fail in your judgement. *Truth* is a verb, not a noun. And to catch it you must be fleet of mind and willing to see matters from a constantly changing viewpoint.

* You need to balance all alternatives: good, evil and neutrality. Your good is another creature's evil and your evil is another creature's good. Nothing has a monopoly on Truth.

You have to be tested to earn the great reward. Failure is for the weak and cannot be forgiven. Enter the Garden of Nericon, my pupils, and look for the three statues of the heroes.