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The Prophecy is the first story in the Divinity series and precursors the events of Divine Divinity, originally written by Damon Wilson, and re-written and edited by Darren Evans and Gillian Pearce.


The Prophecy takes place in 611 AD[1], detailing the skirmishes between Chaos and his Legion of the Damned, and the League of the Seven, led by Ruben Ferol.

Driven back to Stormfist Castle, the League was besieged by the Legion and their demonic partners. Ruben is passed the prophecy of the divine one in a dream, which in turn enables him to set forth a plan to push back the dark forces and decapitate the legion.

The seven leaders of the league sacrifice themselves in direct combat with Chaos, as the dark lord takes down Ruben, the last of the leaders to stand in his path, he is engulfed by a divine light, removing his presence from Rivellon. During the battle, Ralph, Ruben's adept defeats Chaos' general, Ulthring, dealing the final blow with the dark general's possessed sword. Their leader's killed in battle, the Legion scatters, the with League eliminating the routing troops.