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Directly when you enter Sentinel Island, you will be spoken to by the Island herself. She will give you a task to choose 4 out of 8 trainers who will serve you in your Battle Tower.

First, you have to talk to all 8 trainers and approach totems which will rise from the earth when you get close. These choices are permanent and all trainers differ from the other.

The trainers are:


Allan - Who is not really an alchemist.

Barbatos - Who makes really good potions.

Reward: 750 exp, 4 extra option and 400 gold

Note: Choosing Allan will result in getting the potion with the highest resistance rating in the game.


Jonelath - Will give your minion an extra boost in melee and ranged resistance

Igor - Will give your minion an extra boost in magic resistance

NOTE: If you talk to Igor for a while you will find out that he plans to poison and kill Jonelath, so if you want Jonelath be careful talking to Igor. Another dialogue option will show up for Jonelath when you speak to him again, after talking to Igor about poisoning Jonelath, which will result in Jonelath killing Igor upon your exit and return, so you're stuck with Jonealth if you tell him Igor is planning to poison him.

Reward: 750 exp, 1 extra option and 400 gold


Wesson - Specializes in armors

Radcliff - Specializes in weapons

Optional - If you talk to each of them you can then get them to challenge the other and then compete at making swords which you get them both after, of course Radcliff wins as he is specialized in making weapons, whereas Wesson for armor

Reward: 750 exp, 1 extra option and 400 gold


Hermosa - Specializes in melee training

Kenneth - Specializes in magic training

Optional - If you talk to each of the trainers you will then be able to get them to challenge each other to melee combat. Hermosa obviously wins and kills Kenneth. This renders Kenneth unchooseable, as he is now a corpse. -Optional

Reward: 750 exp, 1 extra option and 400 gold

Final RewardEdit

When you have chosen your 4 trainers you will receive an extra reward which is:

3750 exp and 1 extra option.


This is a kind of optional quest. That means, you may decide not to select any of your servants. But in this case, the island will finally make the decision for you (in a random way).

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