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Guide Edit

  1. Make your way to the location shown in the image above.
  2. You'll find Slane tied up by source shackles; destroy the bindings and speak to him.
  3. Slane will instruct the player to move south towards a cave. (2,100 Experience)
  4. The player will be greeted by quite the nasty trap when they enter; set the trap off and cast Rain to clear the entrance, cast Rain once again and hug the right side of the cave to navigate past it, move to the left side once clear as there is a secondary trap ahead of it.
  5. Clear or rush through the secondary trap; it is much smaller than the first.
  6. The player will now arrive at the main room with Radeka in it.
  7. Speak to Radeka and once the battle begins she will summon Carrion Beetles and Corpses to attack you. A good strategy would be to have one character speak to her and retreat to the entrance of the room thus funneling the enemies into the player's party instead of being surrounded.

    Example of funneling the enemy.

    Be aware that the Corpses have level 4 Retribution and will do a decent amount of damage back to the attacker, so try to avoid them. The corpses and the beetles both have ranged attacks so try to break their line of sight of the player party.
  8. Once Radeka and her minions have been defeated, loot her body for the Blood Rose and the Purging Wand.
    1. Acquiring the Purging Wand will add progress to The Vault of Braccus Rex. Slane will also take the Purging Wand, if you give it to him.
  9. Return to Slane.
  10. Slane will now leave. The player will see him again during the final quest to escape the island.

Combine the Blood Rose with an Empty Potion Bottle to get an Attar of the Black Rose which permanently raises the stats of all 6 attributes for one character.

Reward Edit

  • Experience
  • Choice of items
  • Slanes assistance during the final escape
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