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For the nightmare that attacks the Godwoken at the Horrorsleep, see The Red Prince (Horrorsleep).

Famed, of course, for my unique red skin and unparalleled skills as a general of the House of War, I, the Red Prince, was raised within the vast palaces of the fabled Forbidden City. I was destined to become the next emperor, but my ambitions suffered a bit of a setback when I fell from grace for cavorting with demons. Now I'm exiled and hunted by assassins, but I assure you: I remain undaunted - and as determined as ever to claim my rightful throne.
The Red Prince Divinity: Original Sin II

The Red Prince is a lizard prince transported into Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


The Red Prince is a rare red skinned lizard from the House of War. Because of his royal upbringing within the heart of the Ancient Empire the Forbidden City he developed an arrogant behaviour which is characteristic for someone of his position as he is the crown prince of the House of War. He's been forsaken to Fort Joy due to his enemies making a collaborative move against him.

On Island of Reapers' Eye he can be found contemplating on cliff located on beach between the Braccus Rex statue and entrance to Fort Joy.


Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Related quests[]

  • For the Love of a Red Lizard
  • Redemption
  • The Hunters Hunted



Following table shows all the changing stats and abilities of The Red Prince across the locations in the game. Note that the values are for Classic Difficulty in Definitive Edition which contains un-modified values of the stats.

Location Level Health Armour (Physical / Magic) Damage Initiative / Action Points Attributes Abilities / Talents Skills Resistances Immunities
The Academy of the Seven / The Arena of the One 17 1908 1418 / 482 127 - 139 15 / 8 Strength 24
Finesse 10
Intelligence 10
Constitution 26
Memory 10
Wits 15
Geomancer 4
Warfare 5
Retribution 2

Fire + 10 %
Poison + 210 %



  • Stats in infobox are based upon an encounter at Fort Joy Beach on Classic Difficulty in Definitive Edition of the game.


  • The Red Prince is notably similar to Edmund from Divinity: Dragon Commander, sharing similar personalities, character arc, and even the same voice actor.
  • The original character description from EA was: "Unique among your own kind, you are a prince exiled from your Empire. This land is hostile, its inhabitants inferior, but no one will stop your march to vindication."




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