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Divinity 2 High Hall Mines Mundus and Trolls

Mundus and trolls in High Hall Mines

The Runes of Wrath is a quest given by Quintus at High Hall in the Orobas Fjords. He asks you to stop the trolls that are attacking the village. He believes a mage named Mundus is responsible for the troll attacks, as revenge for the villagers refusing to trade with him after swarms of gnats terrorized the village. He can be found in the nearby High Hall Mines. If you wish, Quintus will allow two of his men to accompany you into the mines.

The mines are located in the northern area of the village. Note that the mines are near, but different from, the Well Cave. Once in the mines you will have to fight trolls, most of which are baby trolls. In order to reach Mundus, the Runekeeper Troll in the east must be defeated to obtain magical runes. (See map, below.) The runes must be taken southwest, past the mine guard corpse and down a curving incline, then used on the portal shrine to lift the nearby the magical barrier. Continue down the passage and use the elevator to enter his chambers.

You can complete the quest three different ways:

  1. Kill Mundus and the trolls who are in the cavern with him.
  2. Mindread Mundus to discover the friendship rune he's placed and say that you'll find him a food rune. Exit conversation and talk to him again, and select the friendship rune option. This will destroy the rune in a cutscene, and Mundus and the trolls will kill each other.
  3. Arrange for Mundus to produce food within the cave. The Chicken Rune, located in the Primordial Cave behind the Orobas Fjords waterfall, can be given to Mundus and he will agree to leave the town alone.
Divinity 2 High Hall Mines magical rune on portal shrine

Magical rune on a portal shrine

From within Mundus' chamber you can use the second magical rune on a portal shrine to remove the remaining magical barrier.

In addition to the quest objectives, High Hall Mines also contains a number of droxlerite and venom stone ore veins, a skill book, a dragon skill book, and Aleroth Archmage Earrings. (See High Hall Mines for details.)


  • 4500 exp
  • 800 gold
  • Choice of 2250 exp, 400 gold, or random items


Divinity 2 High Hall Mines map