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Sassan's ghost asked me to resurrect her. To do so, I need to bring her a ring that should still be in an abandoned study somewhere on the island.

The Second Coming is a main quest given by Sassan in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Find the abandoned study near Allan, and the Sea Side Shrine.
  • Speak the password and enter.
  • Clean your way through the study.
  • It is wise to stock up on healing potions and saving at this point (before taking Sassan's Ring).
  • Search the study and find Sassan's Jewelry Box on the desk, then take Sassan's Ring.
  • Leave the study and kill the attackers. (The key from the Abomination Master belongs to the chest in the study).
  • Return to Sassan at the tombstone.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

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Ego Draconis version[]

  • Default:
  • Extra: 3000 exp or 850 gold

Dragon Knight Saga version[]

  • Default: 3000 experience, 850 gold
  • Extra (2 choices): 1500 experience, 425 gold, 1 random substantial potion, 1 random lesser charm, 1 random heroic quality weapon, 1 random magical quality bracelet


  • When you complete the quest, Sassan appears and has returned to life. She will guide you to the barrier to the Battle Tower. If you lost her, she will stop and wait for you. When you reach the barrier, more action takes place.