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I am the House of Shadows. I am the fate-weaver. I am the hand that guides a blind world. From darkness, to light.

The Shadow Prince is a lizard residing at Zorl-Stissa's temple on the Nameless Isle in 1242 AD.


The Shadow Prince is the mysterious leader of the House of Shadows, the fourth leading House of the Ancient Empire. He is a powerful, nameless lizard with knowledge of ancient past, whose "purpose" is to stop the advance of evil even if it means doing evil.

When asked he shares the story of how red dragons nearly wiped out the ancient elves in their desire to dominate over the rest 6 races, and as a punishment were through unknown means transformed into current lizards. Later he learned the origin of dryads, warriors with knowledge and power of all deceased scions who became Ancestor Trees. Believing that the Mother Tree desires to conquer the world with this invincible army he began to plot against her.

In order to prevent dryads from being created he had Sebille Kaleran, the Prime Scion, captured by the Roost Anlon of the Lone Wolves and enslaved so that she would eliminate other scions. Some time after Sebille escaped the Shadow Prince moved unto the Nameless Isle where the Mother Tree resided. Guarded by his Shadow Assassins, Shadow Snipers and Shadow Alchemist he had prepared a deathfog bomb which would destroy the Mother.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • At his camp while out of combat and conversation the Shadow Prince is singing Sebille Kaleran's scar-song.
  • If Sebille is in party:
    • She will silence the Shadow Prince, if the player counters his scar-song
    • She can be given as a gift, if the Red Prince is the main character

Merchant Inventory

Equipment Skills
Food Potions
Ingredients Miscellaneous
  • Sells grenades, lockpicks and trap disarming kits


Swords Axes Maces
One-Handed Two Handed One-Handed Two Handed One-Handed Two Handed
Bow Crossbow Daggers
Staffs Shield Wands
  • Sells Spears


Head Torso Neck
Gloves Ring Belt
Boots Leggings
  • Sells from Common to Epic quality
    * Sells Necklace of Divine quality

Related Quests[]


  • Killing Shadow Prince awards 40,125 experience

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