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The Shipless Sailors is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin.


  1. Speak to the 3 sailors to the South West of the burning ship from Fire! Fire! Fire!,
  2. Go to Cyseal market and speak to Captain Jack next to the fountain. Ask him if he is willing to recruit the sailors and he will agree.
  3. Speak to Mendius at the entrance to the King Crab Tavern and ask him about finding work for the sailors. If this is your first time speaking to him, refer to The Fabulous Five for trait choices. 
  4. Return to the sailors and make a choice: 
  • Tell the sailors about Captain Jack's offer for +1 Altruistic.
  • Tell the sailors about  the Fabulous Five for +1 Egotistical.


  • + 1 Altruistic / + 1 Egotistical
  • 180 XP


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