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  1. Learn from Tarlene about the shreikers.
  2. Save Gareth from the Magister party.
    1. The player can find more information about the Shriekers on the corpse of Magister Farray.
  3. Return to the sanctuary and speak to Gratiana about the source weapons.
  4. Complete the quest The Vault of Braccus Rex.
  5. Use Purge from the wand on a shreiker.
  6. Speak to Gratiana when the purging wand runs out of charges; she can refill it.
  7. Head east from the ruins and you'll encounter a blinded Magister and his dead companions along with some skeletons. You can either let him go or reveal yourself to him and kill him.
  8. Find the letter nearby and read it to advance the quest.

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