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The Spider Worshipers is an unlabeled quest in Divinity: Original Sin. You will find the worshipers worshiping some spider eggs to the East of the entrance to the Immaculate Trial dungeon.

Future spider food


  1. Speak to the worshipers to initiate a dialogue and make a choice:.
    • Choose to leave them be for +1 Renegade
    • Choose to intervene for +1 Righteous.
  2. Win the Charisma game (3940 XP, Use intimidate for a +1 bonus).
  3. The Worshipers will flee and 8 spiders will hatch and attack you. Kill them (8 x 1930 XP).
  4. You can go further east and speak to the bewildered camper in the campsite and tell him of his friends' fate.


  • +1 Renegade or
  • +1 Righteous and 19380 XP

Note: In my game the spiders gave 3 x 4500 and 5 x 3940 XP. Maybe it depends on Character level? (mine was 17)

Kill the worshipers for 1 x 2750 and 3 x 1500 XP.

So: max. XP are 33200 (spiders) + 7250 (worshipers) = 40450 XP


You can also lose the Charisma game (or not start it at all, but you probably want the righteous bonus). The worshipers will stay there. When you attack one spider egg you won't lose any reputation, but the worshipers will start a fight with you. (also, of course, the spiders will hatch and join the fight)