The Spider Worshipers is an unlabeled quest in Divinity: Original Sin. You will find the worshipers worshiping some spider eggs to the East of the entrance to the Immaculate Trial dungeon.
DOS Quest The Spider Worshipers

Future spider food

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Speak to the worshipers to initiate a dialogue and make a choice:.
    • Choose to leave them be for +1 Renegade
    • Choose to intervene for +1 Righteous.
  2. Wwin the Charisma game (3940 XP, Use intimidate for a +1 bonus).
  3. The Worshipers will flee and 8 spiders will hatch and attack you. Kill them (8 x 1930 XP).
  4. You can go further east and speak to the bewildered camper in the campsite and tell him of his friends' fate.

Rewards Edit

  • +1 Renegade or
  • +1 Righteous and 19380 XP