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The Star-Crossed Lovers is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Sneak up to Ulor and Olfrig and overhear their conversation
  • Talk to Ulor and either
    • promise not to tell anyone
    • refuse to promise and fight them both (ending the quest)
  • Tell Grutilda about the lovers (ending the quest) OR
  • Don't tell Grutilda (the quest will end after war of the stones)

Detailed Walkthrough[]

To the north of Waypoint Portal in Hunter's Edge at the campfire beside Glen's House can be found an orc named Ulor and a human tribesman named Olfrig. They will quickly change the subject of their chat when anyone comes too close. Overhearing or eavesdropping on their conversation while not being seen by the two (the entrance to Glen's house right behind Ulor is one of the good spots) activates the quest.

Speaking to one of the happy couple when the quest is active will offer an option to confront them, giving the player two choices:

  • Promise not to tell anybody for 5830 XP, +1 Compassionate, and the lovers' thanks. Additional choices become available:
    • The first is to let the quest stay in the log for time being (will automatically resolve itself later in the story).
    • The second is to report the affair to Grutilda for 5830 XP and +10 Attitude with her, completing the quest. Grutilda then proceeds to question Ulor and executes him after his confession, with Olfrig committing suicide in grief.
  • Refuse to promise anything for +1 Heartless and the couple's desperate attempt to silence the Source Hunters. (Care should be taken in this case as the one of the enamored who outlives the other will kill himself as stated above, giving no XP for his death).
  • This quest will automatically resolve once War of the Stones is completed. Regardless of what you do, including killing everyone in Hunter's Edge save Jahrl and the couple, the couple will die once you speak to Jahrl. Thus, the only way to "save" them is to not complete War of the Stones, or killing Jahrl. In that case, their lines and behavior will remain the same as before.


  • 5830 XP and +1 Compassionate for telling the pair you will keep their affections a secret
  • (Optional) 5830 XP and +10 Attitude with Grutilda for reporting the romance to her
  • or +1 Heartless and 5100 XP (10200 XP) for killing the lover(s)