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The ghost of Snorri believes that he is the strongest man and that nobody can challenge him.


  1. You will find Snorri In the abandoned house just to the West of the Cyseal West Waypoint Portal. Move a floormat within to reveal and enter a hatch (the key is nearby). Move the tomb's lid for Snorri to appear.
  2. Speak to Snorri and challenge him. He will summon a large ball that you need to destroy within 35 seconds to complete the quest. Snorri leaves behind a reward chest before he goes.

NOTE: Snorri is one of a few vendors that sell legendary items. Completing this quest will make him disappear forever. It is advised that you keep him around without completing the quest and instead revisit him at every levelup to farm legendary equipment.


  • 600 XP
  • Treasure chest