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The plan's simple - completely foolproof. I have a spell that I can use to teleport you right out of here. I can't use it on myself... but with your help, we can both get out of here. There's an artefact that you can use to teleport me out of this place, then I can use my spell to free you in turn... this item though... it's in quite an unfortunate location...

The Teleporter is a side quest given by Gawin at Fort Joy ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin II.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Gawin is found in the western part of Fort Joy ghetto and he will immediately approach the Godwoken proposing a collaboration to escape Fort Joy. He will then give instruction to retrieve the Gloves of Teleportation, which are necessary for proceding with his plan.

From there, head west towards the beach and then north until reaching the Saltwater Crocodiles' nest. The beasts are hostile and will immediately attack the Godwoken as soon as on sight.

After slaughtering them, retrieve the gloves for their corpses, equip them and return back to Gawin, which will then ask to follow him to the Hidden Alcove. There he will give precise instructions on how to proceed with the Teleportation spell.

Unfortunately, Gawin will eventually decide to continue alone and to leave behind the Godwoken, which will find himself alone on the ledge but with the chance to follow a new path out of the Fort.

Tips for fighting the Crocs[]

The crocs can be nasty enemies to fight right away and shouldn't be underestimated, they can easily overwhelm a party.

  • Look out for their Scale-Portation, most of the time they will use it for positioning, but have been known to use it as an offensive ability landing straight on your squishyparty members and following up with a heavy hitting melee attack. (Squishy: Low health/armor targets that are usually powerhouses, but easily taken down if surrounded or focused down.)
  • They will often use Fossil Strike to deal ranged damage and spread oil fields, try to refrain from using fire element spells or weapons as they will set fire to the oil and that usually ends up frying your whole party and doing minimal damage to the Crocs themselves.

Use the environment to your advantage at the start of battle; if you have a damage focused spell caster or a sniper place them up on the cliff above and open up with a strong attack to shatter some armor or health of a Croc. There are two oil kegs in this battle scenario, one located near the entrance of the fight at the choke point and another located back where the third Croc comes from. The first keg in the choke point is usually smashed early on by the Crocs, so make use of it during your first turn if you intend to utilize it at all.

Post-quest Options[]

Gawin has abandoned you on the ledge. Here are your options for this area:

  • Use teleportation on your own party to go to the ledge you sent him to, and explore from there
  • Return to Fort Joy Square and complete the quest to discover the hidden hatch by the shrine. This underground area leads to its west door of the dungeon described below. The door can be unlocked by a hidden lever just north-west of it.
  • Destroy the log next to you and go down the hole. You'll end up in the space between the ledges and will have to go through the cave of which will land you inside the Fort's 3rd floor dungeon. From here you can pick the lock of the cell with Vasnya in it and escape via the Underground Tunnels by one of the following:
  • Escape via the 2nd floor into the 1st floor of the Fort. (Before leaving the area be sure to grab the loot off the dead elf corpse in the canyon.)
  • You can also go to the end of the hallway and defeat the Hound Master and his minions to acquire a key to the large door.
  • Pick the large door to the west of the cell you landed in and escape via the shrine teleportation or going up the ladder into Fort Joy's camp near the shrine.


  • 960 experience
    • 600 personal experience for the character that accomplishes the quest.
    • 120 Experience for the whole party per Croc killed. 360 Experience in all.
  • Gloves of Teleportation

Optional Loot:


  • You can teleport Gawin back to you during his taunting and kill him for the loot he has on him or you can loot him later as he will die to Magisters on the dock anyways. You could also pickpocket him before teleporting him across the canyon.