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Alert to enter dungeon

This dungeon instructs you on the basic mechanics of the game and is technically optional, although the game gives warnings to go through it before proceeding. The dungeon is available after your first battle by activating the dungeon door north of the skeletons summoned by the fleeing cultists.


  1. Fight the skeletons summoned by the mystery cultists for 350 XP to gain access to the dungeon.

    Dungeon door

  2. Activate the door to enter the dungeon.
  3. Proceed through the dungeon, following the prompts and looting everything. If one of the characters has the Pet Pal talent the rats can be spoken to. Some of the items of interest are:
    • A chest that can be destroyed.
    • A trap that can be destroyed by ranged weapons or containers moved with strength (or just avoided).
    • A chest with a 'hidden' key that can easily be found with ALT.
    • A sarcophagus with a note giving some info.
    • A chest that can be opened by lock picks.
    • A hidden button beside a door.
    • A door that can be destroyed.
    • A section of fire to be put out by a Rain Scroll or Water Barrels.
    • A trap that can be disarmed with the Trap Disarm Tool.
    • A key in a container for the chest beside it.
    • A section of poison to be destroyed by a Fire Scroll or Fire magic.
    • A door that requires a key (from the poison cloud chest) or a lever pulled to the immediate south.
    • Cloud traps that require containers to be placed over their sources.
    • Two Buried Mummies to be killed for 100 XP.
    • A door that requires two pressure plates to be pushed down by vases.
    • A door that requires the party to split and push two pressure plates.
  4. Ragequin rises!

    Finally reach Ragequin's tomb and fight him and his two apprentices. Be careful since Ragequin will come back as a ghost after getting killed the first time. The apprentices' tombstones can be read for their humorous ends. This battle nets 210 XP.
  5. Exit the dungeon by the door past the tomb.

    Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition Ragequin


  • 350 XP from battle at entrance.
  • 310 XP for killing all enemies inside the dungeon.
  • Basic loot (Note: Keep a Rain Scroll if you don't have the Rain spell for entering Cyseal).