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The Twin Dungeons or The Elemental Dungeons in the classic version is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Activate the pillars in the correct order in each dungeon.
  • Defeat the guardian.
  • Collect the pendants.
  • Place the pendants on the pedestals to open the barrier.

Detailed walkthrough[]

Toward the north of the Cyseal farmland, there are two hatches, one by a large patch of circular ground just above the northernmost building and the other northwest in the fiery plateau. In each area are 4 pillars with symbols sat atop of them and a tombstone beside them. Each tombstone holds the order the pillars must be activated in the corresponding dungeon:

  • Water, Earth, Air, Fire (southeast dungeon)
  • Earth, Water, Air Fire (northwest dungeon)

Activate the buttons below each pillar in the opposing dungeon and a mysterious opponent will appear, female in the northwest and male in the southeast. The two opponents are the default Source Hunters in appearance. When defeated, each opponent drops a pendant.

From here, the party must be split into two; move each group down the hatch in each dungeon and follow the path until reaching a magical barrier. Nearby to each barrier is a pedestal upon which a pendant needs to be place. Activating the pedestal will automatically be placed on the pedestal (if in the possession). Once both pendants have been placed, the barrier will fall, giving access to the treasure room behind.