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A primer on the undead. One page in particular is smeared with oily fingerprints.

The Undead Among Us is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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The Undead Among Us
Author: Midym Hex

Chapter Seven - The Lich

These manipulative creatures are unique among the undead, not because they may command Source - many rekindled souls draw their own inner well. after all - but because it flows from an apparently everlasting wellspring into their bones and hollows.

Several manners of harvesting a Lich's supply of Source are known, though you must of course identify the creature as such before siphoning away its essence. You may recognise a Lich by its bizarrely venous glow and haughty presence; you may learn its name by reciting this simple chant:

'In void you fell, and from void you come. Reveal your truth to me!'