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The Voices is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Quick walkthrough Edit

  1. The Voices begins when the player finishes Troubled Waters and lands on Fort Joy.
  2. During exploration of the Hollow Marshes the player will encounter multiple instances of The Voices speaking to them and dropping a blessed water pool for the player.
  3. Some instances of this as follows.
    1. Defeating the Void Woken Deepdweller.

      Find one of the shrines here, after defeating the Deepdweller.

    2. Defeating the Void Woken Salamanders near the Sanctuary of Amadia.

      Void Woken Salamanders.

    3. Defeating the Viscous Voidling horde.

      Voidwoken horde.

  4. Eventually the player will encounter a shrine to the seven and be transported to meet an important character.
    1. These shrines can be found either during The Vault of Braccus Rex quest or after defeating the Void Woken Deepdweller.
  1. After this quest finishes it adds progress to Signs of Resistance.

Detailed walkthrough Edit

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Rewards Edit

  • Experience
  • Ability to cast Bless
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