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The Wishing Brother is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. This quest is obtained when you speak to Walter McWishing Well, a talking well that can be found Southwest of the Cyseal Old Church, next to the ruined entrance to the church.


  1. Talk to Walter and find out what happened to his brother, William McWishing Well. You can travel to William now for some XP but there is little else you can do until you complete Eternal Winter.
  2. After deafeating Boreas and obtaining the Well Teleportation Scroll from his treasure room, go to William who is located directly northeast of the Hiberheim Forest Waypoint Portal. There's a tough boss in this area so it might be easier to have Walter teleport you directly to William as in step 1.
  3. Stand next to William and read the Well Teleportation Scroll. This will teleport William back to Walter.
  4. Return to Walter's location in Cyseal to complete the quest.
  5. Ask Walter for a wish and choose the dialogue option to give him 1500 gold (The loot you get is worth a lot more - check inventory for loot is there).

(Note: You can resolve the quest and save the wish for later, as you get loot according to your level)

  1. (Optional) Once you explore Northern Hiberheim, where the volcanoes are constantly lobbing fireballs and defeat The Guardian, a new conversation option opens with William. If you can convince him to grant you a wish, he can either end the snowstorm in Hiberheim or put an end to the fireballs.