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The Witch and the Beast is a book in Divine Divinity and Divinity: Original Sin.



Deep in the forest there lived a witch called Yar-Germaine. Her beauty and intelligence were unmatched in the realm and at the age of 32, Yar-Germaine decided to spend the rest of her life in the solitude of the forest. Legend has it that she befriended a mighty spirit who lived in the forest and that she became his lover and gave birth to his child.

Sadly, Yar-Germaine's newborn boy was ugly and looked more like a beast than a man-child. His whole body was covered in brown fur and as the boy grew up in the forest he looked more and more like a terrifying animal He killed innocent people who ventured too near to Yar-Germaine's hut and so she decided to end her son's pitiful existence. Once the spirit discovered what she had done, he strangled her. Now he haunts the area around Yar-Germaine's hut with the spirit of his son beside him...