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The Zombie Troll is a mini quest in Divinity: Original Sin.


There is a single Troll in Cyseal, guarding a bridge to the east. The exact location is a little south of the "Cyseal - Silverglen Road" Waypoint Portal and North of the Cyseal Old Church Graveyard.


  1. Kill the Graveyard Madman as described in The Graveyard Madman mini-quest.
  2. Pick up the book he drops - How To Speak Troll, Zombie Edition. Use the book for all the translations or look below.
  3. Continue East then North to find the troll who will approach you and initiate a dialogue.
  • Say Grak to pass freely with no XP reward.
  • Say Grampf Grat to try and win some Charisma XP. [As of 1.0.219 this will also turn the troll hostile]
  • Say anything else to fight the troll for some XP.


  • Grunt Groumpf Graah: You need to give me the troll toll.
  • Graar Groumpf Gromp: Your actions displease me greatly.
  • Grak: I understand that trolls must collect toll, but surely zombies are excepted.
  • Grampf Grat: Death quite becomes you! One with your good looks ought not to waste his time with toll-collection.
  • Grrrrrra Oumpf: I'll remove your rotten skull and use it for kickball.
  • Grimp: Perhaps you're right. You may pass freely.
  • Gringht Groumpf Graa: Damn the gold: I'll kill you!
  • Gramb: Greetings.
  • Graf Graf: Take these coins. A hundred should do.


  • 1800 XP if you kill the troll
  • ??? Charisma XP if you win the minigame