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Thelyron's diary part I is a book in Divine Divinity.



24th Sembten, 1207

The powering of the damned resurrection spell calls for more time than I've ever imagined. The thought of spending such a long time dead before I can be revived freezes my blood! I have too many dead enemies who would welcome my entry into Hell. I must dedicate all my remaining time to find a way to grant myself eternal life.

31 Sembten, 1207

How mistaken I was to discuss my studies of death with the obtuse healers of Aleroth. They denounced me and called me a mindless murderer! Don't they understand that experimentation on lesser animals (such as rabbits, cats and peasants) is necessary for the increase of knowledge? The fools! They will see the unbelievable power of my resurrection spell. I will return from the grave to astound and slay them all! Ahahahahaha!