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Thelyron Hashnitor is a character in Divine Divinity and Divinity: Original Sin.


Divine Divinity Edit

Thelyron first arrived in Aleroth when it was being constructed, hoping the healers could help him avoid death. The healers refused to help him cheat death, so he moved into the Aleroth Catacombs to experiment in privacy.

Beneath Aleroth, Thelyron learned how to raise the dead and built a skeleton army. He eventually created a machine that would bring him back to life after his death, but as the process would take several years, he decided to temporarily keep his soul inside Mardaneus. This drove Mardaneus insane, prompting Lanilor to send the Hero beneath Aleroth to look for the source of Mardaneus' madness.

The Hero eventually found Thelyron's machine and discovered it wasn't working properly; one of the skeletons operating it had been crushed by fallen rubble. Pulling the lever in the skeleton's place, Thelyron was resurrected, and Mardaneus' mind was cleared. However, Thelyron suddenly felt pain for the first time in years, and begged the Hero to kill him.

Divinity: Original Sin Edit

The Source Hunters first meet Thelyron in Cyseal, where he resides as a healer of renown. His apprentice, Evelyn, is a suspect in the murder of Councillor Jake. When Evelyn skips town, he gives the Source Hunters permission to search her house.

According to Thelyron's diary, he was actually the one to begin using blood stones, not Evelyn. Evelyn was sent to make sure he upheld his end of the bargain with the Immaculates; that he would help resurrect Braccus Rex if they, in turn, resurrected his deceased wife, Malia. He was also responsible for the undead plague around Cyseal, which he used to divert attention from his activity for the Immaculates.

Later on, Thelyron is found rotting to death below the Old Church. He had succeeded in finding and resurrecting Braccus Rex, but in exchange, the Source King cursed him with a wasting disease. He tells the Source Hunters to find and kill Braccus Rex before dying.

Much like Jake and Esmeralda, Thelyron is definitely a reference to the character in Divine Divinity, but whether or not he's meant to be the same person is unclear due to the massive time difference and various inconsistencies.

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