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They Shall Not Pass is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Speak to Barin on the bridge
  • Cross the river and enter the Bridgekeeper's House
  • Kill the Voidwoken outside the house
  • Speak to Mari
  • Lower the bridge
  • Speak to Mari and Barin

Detailed walkthrough[]

The quest is received by speaking to child named Barin who stands near the edge of a bridge-gap. The Godwoken need to find and speak with Barin's mother, Mari, who is locked inside her house on other side of the bridge.

To get to the house, the Godwoken can use any high range mobility skill to reach the boat floating on the river below the bridge. From the boat, the Godwoken can climb the ladder and enter the Bridgekeeper's House. Once inside, they need to speak with Mari and defeat the Voidwoken. Alternatively, the house can be reached via the Stonegarden Graveyard; if the fight is triggered in this way before speaking to Mari, she will still help fight the Voidwoken with grenades. Afterwards, Mari asks the Godwoken to lower the bridge. After Mari reunites with Barin, the Godwoken may ask for a reward.

After the quest is completed, Mari and Barin can be found at the Magister Headquarters in Driftwood.


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  • Entering Bridgekeeper's House awards 4175 exp
  • Killing all the Voidwoken awards 10 000 exp (one Voidwoken being worth 2000 exp)
  • Completing the quest awards 5000 exp
  • Choice of random armour and weapons of rare quality
  • Free passage to Driftwood - optional