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Thieves' Guild Entry Tests is a side quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]


Lain in the Poor area might have told you to speak to Rob for work. Talk to Rob and ask if he needs any work done.

First Thieves' Guild entry test[]

The first test involves stealing a Royal Chain from Inn drunkard called Sweeney. Since It's not possible to buy it from Sweeney, one needs to either

Whichever method is chosen, experience is awarded upon giving Rob the necklace. Rob's disposition also increases by 10.

  • WARNING: if the dialogue is closed after bringing the necklace to Rob, he doesn't offer the next test

Second Thieves' Guild entry test[]

The second test involves lockpicking a cellar door and bringing Rob a bottle of ale from the locked room. Upon returning to Rob with the ale, he will reward you with experience, and an increase in either Lockpick, Pickpocket or Evade trap. Additionally Rob will tell Lucian about suitable locations for thievery skills, namely Sir Dante Mansion, Sir Patrick Mansion, Rivertown Market and theDwarven Halls entrance. Rob's disposition also increases by 33.

Quest NPC's[]

Quest items[]

  • Royal Chain


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