The Throne Room is your main room of operations in the Battle Tower. The there are two rooms you can enter, the throne room and your bedroom.

Throne Room Edit

In the throne room there are five people you can interact with, your three Runners, Kirill a bard who can play songs for you, and a dancer named Salome. The most important part about the throne room is your Runners as they can be used to fetch gems, potion ingredients, and likewise.

Bedroom Edit

The bedroom is located down the elevator behind the throne. You can interact with Hermaphroditus, Sassan, and your Coffer, a personal bank for you and the tower. You have the option in your inventory to right click items and send them to your Coffer at any point, or you can just teleport back and bank them. Your enchanter, alchemist, and necromancer will take the required resources from your coffer as they are needed. You do not have to have the ingredients on you.