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Hello, Slayer. You’re the first one to dare show their face here since them seekers walked in.

Tim is the barkeep of the Black Boar in 1300 AD.


Tim, a barkeep of the Black Boar is always found at the first floor of the Inn. He and Elsa work at the Inn for some time even when the seekers chased away most of their customers.

Beside being a barkeep, Tim apparently is a writer as well, since in a room on the third floor of the Inn the Knight can find a Strange Volume I.

Interactions with the player character[]

  • The Knight may trade with him, however he only sells:

Mind reading[]

Nobody will look for a sack of gold in a bush by the chapel.
Reveals where he hides his stash of 200 gold

Related quests[]


Reading Strange Volume I gives a hint to another (in the first floor, close to the bartender), which gives another hint to a book (in the second floor, on top of a pile of books). The third book gives yet another hint to "the real story". The series of books ultimately lead to a skill book cleverly located behind the logs in the tavern fireplace.