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  • AR: Anno Rivellonis. The ancient way of identifying specific years.
  • AD: Anno Deorum. How we count years now, in honour of the Seven Gods.

Undated events, AR[]

The eight eternals, Chaos,[1] Rhalic, Tir-Cendelius, Duna, Zorl-Stissa, Vrogir, Xantezza and Amadia sought to acquire the power of Source. Utilizing the knowledge of Fane, they overthrew the God King and sealed the majority of their kind beyond the void.

The Wizarding Wars took place throughout Rivellon, Behrlihn is sealed away in the Plane of Hypnerotomachia below Aleroth as a result.[2]

Bellegar, in his youth summoned 4 demons and was unable to control them. Maxos answered his pleas for assistance and sealed Bellegar in the primodial cave until such a time that a brave adventurer would set him free.[3]

The first recorded instance of tainted Source occurs, following a darkness sweeping the land, those who could wield its power no long able to heal, now find themselves as destroyers.[4] As a result of this change the Order of the Source Hunters is established to contain the threat from Sourcerer's.

One such Sourcerer, Braccus Rex, used Source to rule his lands with an iron fist and saw others, his sister included as nothing but pawns to his plans. Ruling from Fort Joy on Reapers' Eye, the tyrant developed tools for containing and purging source from others, enabling his position as the monarch of these land to go unchallenged by those who may oppose him.

His time of tyranny was eventually brought to an end by the Order of the Source Hunters. Defeated by them, he was taken to the mainland to face trial, hung and thrown into a well below Cyseal. His corpse was retrieved by his disciples and buried in the Church to the Seven.[5]

8800 AR[]

Dragon commander.png

Rivellon's first emperor, Sigurd is murdered by three of his own children and a war for the throne begins, each of them being unknowingly manipulated by the demon Corvus; who although bound within the airship, the Raven, by the wizard Maxos can still enter their thoughts. Maxos, in his desire to ensure the legacy of Sigurd is sustained seeks out the emperor's love child with the dragon Aurora.[6]

Although his own armies were also influenced by Corvus, through the dreams of the commander's imp mechanic Grumio, he prevailed against his half siblings and reunified the lands.

4 AR[]

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Two Source Hunters, Scarlett and Roderick are sent to Cyseal to investigate the murder of the local councilor, Jake. As part of their investigations they discover a Star Stone, discovering a much greater threat on the horizon; the Void Dragon consuming all of time.

The two hunter's initial task is intertwined with their destiny, for Jake's death was part of a wider plan by the Immaculates to assist the dragon in its personal mission. Furthermore, as the hunters obtain the Star Stones (and their tainted form, the blood stone), their true identity and history as the guardians of the Godbox and their deviation from duties resulting in the dragon's release and corruption of Astarte become apparent.

Even their smaller acts have had an effect on the events of time, surpassing their own lives on Rivellon. Bellegar, sealed in the primordial cave by Maxos was released by them. His freedom would effect events across the world for over 1300 years.

As part of the Immaculates plans, Braccus was resurrected; for brief time, only to be taken down again by the Order of the Source Hunters.[5]

100 AD[]

The Lord of Chaos exacted his first attempt to render the demon race the dominant species of Rivellon. His plans were thwarted by the dwarves and he returned to hell.[2]

611 AD[]

Chaos launched his second assault on Rivellon, with the backing of not only demons, but also the Legion of the Damned, wizards of which many had been cast out due their performance in dark magics and necromancy. They managed to force the armies of the League of Seven, lead by Ruben Ferol back to Rivertown and after a drawn out skirmish in the semi-abandoned town, drove the forces into Stormfist Castle, just east of the town proper. It was at this time that Ruben formulated a plan from a dream delivered prophecy to exile Chaos back to hell for good. By sacrificing the lives of the Council of Seven (Ruben himself, Dylan Ferol, Jemthorn, Ulf Twohut, Grondtha, Zakx and Go-Dar) a divine act was performed. The legion, now leaderless fled the battlefield in the face of the freshly moralised opposition force and the small number of survivors fell into hiding. The Sword of Lies carrying the seed of Chaos' life essence, carried into battle by the dark lord's general Ulthring was taken by Ralph, squire to Ruben.[7]

Unknown date 611-1200 AD[]

Ralph became the leader of the wizard race following the battle and found his time divided between carrying out the duties of his role as the chief battlemage of Rai'alor, spokesperson of the wizards and battling the Sword of Lies. As Ralph's strength to resist the swords strength dwindled, his servants, sensing something was direly wrong petitioned Morreck Ferol, Ralph's childhood friend to visit him. Seeing the state of his friend and learning of the urgency of the situation, Morreck assisted his childhood friend in sealing the sword between the walls of Stormfist itself. However before this could be completed, Chaos finally took control of Ralph and he too was sealed within the walls.

The passing of the last surviving member of the Legion of the Damned, Zenfar Blutsporn occurs; taking his own life at Brokentooth Crag. At this time the Black Ring, descendants of the Damned are in their infancy as a faction, committing comparatively minor hate magics and storm gathering. Zenfar passes on his knowledge of the Sword of Lies to the Ring through his death letter.[7]

1218 AD[]

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The Sword of Lies is retrieved by the young Duke Janus, from the vault in Stormfist Castle's treasure room. Manipulated by the Black Ring, seeking to reviving Chaos, Janus proclaims to be the Divine One.

Zandalor finds three Marked Ones, those with the ability to become Divine. They are targets by the Black Ring, to prevent ascension. Wouter and Joris are killed by the Ring, however Lucian survives multiple attempts on his life. Finding the newly appointed council members, Lucian ascends to Divinity; however, the majority of the council is killed during the ritual by Janus, with a team of orcs in his stead.

Assisted by the Patriarch, Lucian travels to Yuthul Gor to eliminate the Demon of Lies. Although able to remove the demon, its plans have reach fruition, with a young babe now infused with the Chaos lord's soul infused within him. Unable to kill the child, Lucian takes him as his own son and names him Damian, with the hope that the child can grow up unaware of his potential and origin.

C. 1219/20 AD[]

Damian's demonic abilities make their first appearance after placing his hand in a fire but coming out unscathed.[8]

C. 1228/29 AD[]

Damian doesn't return home after taking his horse for a ride. Lucian sets out in search of him, eventually discovering the boy in Oakland Woods, legs curled up to his chest and in a state of shock, surrounded by three dead orcs, heads severed from the torsos and hearts burnt out. On coming to, Damian had no recollection of the events and on Lucian's return to the woods, no trace of the orcs could be found.[9]

1230 AD[]

Buadrim Venomclaw relocates to Broken Valley village with an offcut of Abanayabar.[10]

1231 AD[]

Lucian enrolls Damian into the Paladins on his thirteenth birthday. The paladins themselves take to the enthusiastic young boy. Damian is allowed to move out of the cottage into the paladin's quarters.[11]

1233 AD[]

Damian excelled at his studies and can best any of the young paladins in combat and was called upon by the villagers for his strong divination abilities. Lucian, satisfied that Damian was progressing well in his new role, embarked on a personal journey, in part to enjoy a flagon of ale and stew without being disturbed and in part to hunt the Black Ring agent Kalin, The father of Ygerna. Discovering his cottage and the malformed children contained within its walls, Lucian burnt the property down as an act of grace. Kalin was discovered the next day by the paladins and thoroughly interrogated. Kalin in his refusal to answer their questions, bit off his tongue before being executed by Lucian once the interrogations has been completed.

Lucian discovered a rift temple beyond the mountains of Tanaroth, after Goliath threw a horse shoe. The act itself seemingly normal was undertaken by the lizard god Trogda. Exploring the temple, Lucian falls through a rift, assisted by the gods, (who removed his coin purse from his belt) landing on Earth. Returning to Rivellon, Lucian arranged for the temple to be secured, posting paladins a distance from the perimeter; sensing the temple would have a role of great importance in the future.

Damian meets and enters a relationship with Ygerna. Lucian is initially receptive to the relationship however later discovers that Ygerna is a Black Ring operative. Damian arrives at the point of her execution and soul forges himself to her and they subsequently escape.

Damian becomes the leader of the Ring and mounts and attack on Lucian at the rift temple. Lucian traps and him in Nemesis, erasing his memory.

Damian is taken in by the raanaar, who attempt find and return him to his world. After discovering that he is blocked from passing through the rift, the high elder travelled through themselves and discovered the reality of the situation from Lucian.

Damian, becoming aware of who he is and his predicament from the high elder, murders the high elder. Confronted by Anlokar their battle ends with Damian fleeing. Anlokar replaces her father as the high elder and enforces additional patrols to search for Damian. Patrols are reduced back to once a day as the patrols grow bored of the heightened searches produce nothing of interest.

Damian steals the holy crystal of protection from the temple via the imps on cleaning duty, lifting the seal between the demon plane and Nemesis. As the demons push the Raan back to the academy, Anlokar sends an imp with a message to find the demon commander to negotiate.

Asmodheus breaks into Anlokar's chambers, taking her to his lair he confirms her suspicions of Damian's role in the theft of the crystal. He offers Anlokar the opportunity to drive the demons back in exchange for enslavement. Anlokar accepts and the demons are driven back, however, the Ranaar were exterminated.

Lucian discovers the reality of how the gods came to be and attempts to restore the status quo. Dealing with the Black Ring army approaching the elven lands, two Lizards from the House of War suggest deploying deathfog. Ifan ben-Mezd is tasked with evacuating the elves so they do not succumb, however, Alexandar rigs the rift scroll to deploy deathfog upon opening, but promises Ifan he personally will oversee the release after the evacuation. Ifan reaches the elves as the first soldiers reach their lands. The elves agree to evacuate, but as the open the scroll the deathfog is released, wiping most elves out and placing them on the path to extinction.[12][13] Ifan manages to escape on his soul wolf and swears to never work for the Divine Order again, eventually joining a mercenary band called the Lone Wolves where he earned the alias 'Silver Claw'. With few souls from which to draw Source from, Tir-Cendelius is no longer able to assist in holding the tear in Source veil closed. This wearing of the seal allows the voidwoken, the remnants of the eternal race to return to the mortal plane.

1238 AD[]

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Damian, under the guise of a Death Knight is soul forged to one of Lucian's paladins who fell through a rift into Nemesis, by the arch demon Samuel. Together they work to make their escape from Nemesis. Years later Damian takes advantage of his freedom and the element of surprise, initially overrunning the Rivellonian forces.

1242 AD[]

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In order to prevent a further Divine One from coming to Rivellon and as such causing wider damage to the veil, Lucian fakes his own death and resides in his tomb under Arx, his bidding carried out by Vredeman, the assumed guise of Braccus Rex and Dallis, who is, in fact, the daughter of the eternal Fane in disguise.

Lucian's biological son Alexandar, assumes leadership of the Divine Order, rounding up Sourcerers and shipping them to Fort Joy under the pretense of protecting the people from voidwoken attacks, he is instead draining them of their Source.

The Gods select new chosen ones, known as the godwoken in an attempt to instate a new Divine one. The godwoken arrive at the eternal academy and undertake the ritual, to be fooled at the last moment by Dallis and Vredaman who drain the Source well using the Aeteran. Disappointed by the godwoken's failure to ascend, the gods return to the mortal plane in spirit form and are summarily defeated by their chosen.

The Godwoken discover Lucian below Arx and the true identities of Vredaman and Dallis. Hearing Lucian's plight and plan, the godwoken side with the Divine and purge Source from the world.[14]

1244 AD[]

Fallen Heroes.png

Malady betrays the Divine Order, Ifan and Lohse are tasked with hunting down and capturing their former ally, a task which they complete successfully.

1244 - 1250 AD[]

Lucian is seemingly killed by a dragon knight in an act of betrayal. The Divine Order as a result turns against both demons and dragons in the ensuing chaos until Zandalor reorganises the troops. Damian withdraws from the battle field, his revenge attained.[15]

1250 - 1300 AD[]

The Order of Dragon Slayers is formed by knights of the realm for the sole purpose of hunting the dragon knights to extinction. The early structure itself was that of chapters, rather than a single unified group.[16]

In 1290 AD Boothe was caught having an affair with Dana Jackson by her husband Carl. As a result, Carl murders him.

1300 AD[]

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The Elves are assumed to be extinct[17] however in truth they emigrated from their main homeland or went into hiding to avoid such conflicts, wars and natural disasters to preserve their race.[citation needed]

The last dragon knight, Talana is located in Broken Valley and mortally wounded by the veteran slayer Rhode. Talana manages to escape to the ruin between upper and lower Broken Valley where she encounters a freshly initiated dragon slayer. Thrusting her power upon the slayer, she converts them from slayer to Dragon Knight, revealing to them the truth that the betrayal was not a unified act of the Knights and the danger which Damian still presented.

Later when the Dragon Knight captures the Battle Tower and kills Laiken with Razakel, Damian unleashes his flying fortresses upon Rivellon, eradicating all life from Broken Valley as retaliation for the Dragon Knight's pursuit of him.

During this time the last Dragon Knight saves Aleroth from undead and demon onslaught and enters the Hall of Echoes to ressurect Ygerna under assumption that her ressurection would kill the Damned One.

However this was a lie instilled by Damian himself. Ygerna imprisons the last Dragon Knight in Plane of Hypnerotomachia, where Lucian was alive but imprisoned by his son.

During their imprisonment Damian and Ygerna unleash Black Ring armada upon Orobas Fjords and destroy the Champion Harbour.

When their army reached Aleroth, Zandalor had removed a shield from prison of Behrlihn who used his partial freedom to bring the Dragon Knight back to Rivellon, under promised him that if the Knight would be free then he would free the Divine as well and grant him a device known as The Eye of the Patriarch.[18]

The Knight arrives at Aleroth and was forced to find clues which were scattered throughout the city and stop the rampage of undead summoned by ressurected Engineer.

After the Knight reached Behrlihn's prison, Bellegar appeared and begged the Knight to not free the Damned One, in exchange for device as mighty as the Eye. The only device, Zandalor believed could eliminate both Damian and his armada.

In the end the Knight freed Behrlihn who gave the Knight the Eye but refused to free the Divine. Armed with this powerful object the Knight, with army of Champions of Aleroth set out to obliterate Damian's armada and his palace, high in the sky above Tanoroth and Ferol.[19]

The Knight succesfully managed to obliterate the armada, who turned out to be commanded by Ygerna herself but she had managed to spirit herself away, along with Behrlihn and pulled the Dragon Knight with them.

They teleported themselves unto Plane of Hypnerotomachia and there beneath Lucian's crystal prison, final battle ensued. The Dragon Knight came out victorious and with Ygerna's death, Lucian was freed.

Afterwards both the Dragon Knight and the Divine returned to Aleroth.

However Damian still was alive and according to Ygerna's words working to unlock his demonic powers.


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