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To Become a Healer is a book in Divine Divinity.



To become a healer takes more than the simple knowledge of how to treat wounds and maladies. A true healer must know how to link his mind with the Source. Since its discovery by the meditation-explorer Ruganol, during the Age of Deception, there have been various debates over what exactly the Source is.

While some still hold to the primitive belief that that the Source is a lesser form of deity, the majority of healers presently believe that the Source is an extra-dimensional field of energy. Healers mentally in-touch with the Source become a conduit of its beneficial energy and thus can counter almost all known diseases and can instantly heal the most severe of wounds. Somehow the Source reads the treated being's aura, detects what is troubling it and transubstantiates both the aura and the body back to their normal, healthy state...