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This is a main plot quest which takes place in tomb of thechapel in Broken Valley Village.


The key required to start this quest is given to you by Rhode. After you complete Chasing the Dragon, during your dialog there is a cut scene. Rhode explains you are being affected by the Dragon memories and need to do this before it is too late. Rhode gives you a key to unlock the tomb door and instructs to go slay a ghost in the chapel tomb. Go into the chapel straight ahead and to the right is a locked door (which you now have the key for) it will take you into the tomb. The ghost you are facing is Lord Arben a level 5 and he summons two level 4 skeletons, you should be at least 4 or 5 for this. Kill the ghost (actually, he will stop the fight before being killed), loot the place, then exit, only to run into Rhode.


  • 1500 exp, 480 gold.
  • 1 choice from 375 exp, 480 gold, or random items.
  • Arben's Sword

When you are finished doing what little side quests are left in Broken Valley Village, head west, the area is clear to move into the new area.

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