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Tom, the Wannabe Adventurer is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin. It is obtained from Charlene, the maid in Mayor Cecil's house. The quest is intertwined with Arhu's Failed Experiment and The Fabulous Five. It is advisable to progress all three quests to the point where you need to enter the cave.


  1. [Head North from the gate right next to Legionnaire Headquarters. Continue past the ghosts and turn left at the fork. Turn North at the next fork and cross the bridge. Head North and kill the group with several boars guarding the cave entrance.
  2. Enter the cave and continue along the path. You will come across some Fabulous Five members that will join you. Continue along the path and face the Arhu SparkMaster 5000.
  3. There are several corpses in this room. Loot one of them to find Charlene's Letter. Read it to update the quest.
  4. Return to the Mayor's Office and speak to Charlene.
    • Tell her the truth for +1 Blunt and 900XP. She will be unable to accept it and call you a liar.
    • Lie to her about Tom's fate for +1 Considerate and 1050 XP.


  • 900 XP if you tell her the truth / 1050 XP if you lie to her.
  • +1 Blunt or +1 Considerate.