Tom (D2 FoV character)


Tom is first encountered fleeing the Champion Taurus near Decimus' House in the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. He resides at the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane, across the road from Taurus' House, along with his girlfriend Anne and his roommates, Hansel and Laeniel.

When you first meet Tom he pleads for your help because Taurus, a lackey working for Luxurius, plans to kill him. No matter how you respond Taurus draws his weapon, intent on killing you both. Once he has been taken care of, Tom explains that Luxurius has abducted and imprisoned his girlfriend Anne to fulfill his deviant desires. Unarmed and untrained, he is in no condition to attempt a rescue. He asks for your help once again, beginning the quest Beauty And The Beast.

You can attempt to find a way into Luxurius' Mansion, which is guarded by a handful of Champions as well as Luxurius' personal bodyguards. Alternatively, you can ask Tom to sacrifice a finger in the name of love, as Taurus had intended to use one as proof of his death. Armed with Tom's Severed Finger you're able to talk your way into the mansion.

Tom returns to the Cosy Dwelling after the quest has begun. You can inquire about his roommmate Laeniel's odd behavior, and discuss what happened with Hansel and the undead creature leading up to the quest Trail of Deceit.

When Anne has been rescued she returns to the house as well. You can convince Anne that her father is justified for wanting a better man to be with his daughter, because Tom is incapable of defending her. This causes her to leave him, rewarding the "Parental Approval" achievement.


Mindreading Tom can be performed twice. The abnormalities that occur may be the result of a bug:

1. Prior to completing Beauty And The Beast:

  • "Good heavens, Taurus was right: I am a coward. The love of my life is in mortal danger, but still I dare not try and save her!"
  • Costs 15000 exp if done in Crow's Nest when he is first encountered. He can be mindread again later.
  • Costs 22500 exp if done at the Cosy Dwelling after accepting the quest. He cannot be mindread a second time.

2. After completing Beauty And The Beast (only if he was also mindread in Crow's Nest):

  • Costs 22500 exp. You gain new insights (one stat point).



Location of Taurus and Tom ("0" on map):
Crow's Nest map (D2 FoV location)