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Torn Note is a book in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.



Damn him! Damn him! May his soul be snatched by Damian and forever be subject to the worst abominations! I rescued him, raised him as my child, trained him in the dark arts, made him what he is today!

Ah, the smile on his face when I offered him his first corpse for his tenth birthday, and a year later a live woman for him to practice his torturing skills on. What delicious debauchery! And how delighted he was when her mangled body rose again, obeying his every command! He was my pride, my heir! And he just left! Left when this wretched Jonelath offered him a life of servitude, and 'powers he couldn't imagine'. All lies! Damn you, Igor! If we ever meet again, I'll make your putrid corpse my favourite puppet!