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So you have come at last, Lord Lovis. I’ve long been dead, yet denied eternal rest because of you: my former master. Now the time of reckoning is at hand!

Toshan is one of Lord Lovis' angry slaves, prisoners and enemies that will try to kill the Dragon Knight when he/she is teleported to the dungeon of Lovis' Tower after activating the Lovis' Scrying Stone.


Toshan used to be servant of Lord Lovis who had imprisoned him in dungeons beneath his Tower. Over the time in the dungeons he has grown insane and when he sees the player he believes he sees his former master Lovis, who came to taunt him, regardless of the main characters gender. Since he believes the player is Lovis he will after short conversation proceed to kill the player regardless of their response.

Interactions with player character[]



gain one stat point

Related quests[]

  • Lovis' Loot - He is encountered by the Slayer only if Lovis' Scrying Stone was used.