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Through quick wit and slick talking you are able to persuade merchants to offer you better prices.
Skill description

Trader's Tongue is a survivor skill in Divine Divinity.


Trade prices are improved, with better deals as Skill Points are invested. Although the skill explicitly states prices are decreased, the inverse is true when selling, garnering better prices. This skills works in tandem with the individual reputation between Lucian and merchants to reach, but not exceed, prices at 100 reputation; however, the following merchants will exceed this threshold:

Level Effects[]

Rank Required level Effects
1 1 5 % reduction in price
2 7 10 % reduction in price
3 13 15 % reduction in price
4 19 20 % reduction in price
5 25 25 % reduction in price


  • Purchasing all magical items from El'Gammon and challenging him on their falsity results in him giving a copy of the skillbook.
  • Reading all three of the Making Business books in the Verdistis Merchants Guildhouse cellar will grant a point in the skill.
  • On items with the "of the Merchant" or "of the Master Merchant" suffix.