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Hansel was chased from his house and would like his diary back. He lives on Lanilor Lane. This had better be worth my while!

Trail of Deceit is a side quest offered by Hansel in the Great Market district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Speak with Hansel
  • Enter Cosy Dwelling
  • Obtain Hansel's Diary
    • Read Hansel's diary (optional)
  • Give Hansel's diary to Hansel or Dorus (only if you read the diary)

Detailed Walkthrough[]

It seems that he was frightened by an undead creature and ran away from his house, the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane, and now he'd like his diary back. The creature was later knocked unconscious by the Champion Dorus, and caged in the Great Market just south of the waypoint shrine for study by Deodatus. You'll find Hansel, Gretel, and Dorus there.

Follow the trail of bread and sausage left by Hansel. It leads west, then south past the Prancing Seahorse to the Cosy Dwelling (aka Tom's House) across the road from Taurus' House. Once inside, continue to follow the trail of food upstairs to Hansel's room. You'll find Hansel's Diary (quest item) on a small table next to the bed.

You can read the diary, which reveals the deceit referred to in the title of the quest. It seems that Hansel is in love with Dorus' wife, Gretel. Unbeknownst to Gretel, he lured the undead creature in hopes that Dorus would be killed, allowing them to become more than friends. You can choose to give the diary back to Hansel (with or without mentioning that you know his secret, it does has no effect beyond the dialogue), or turn it in to Dorus who gets angry and kills Hensel.


If the diary is returned to Hansel:

  • 4873 exp and 600 gold
  • One choice of: 2435 exp, 600 gold, 1 gem, 25 herbs, or 5 ore
  • Hansel's chest key (received on the side)

If the diary is given to Dorus:

  • 5632 exp and 900 gold
  • One choice of: 2815 exp, 900 gold, 1 creature part, 1 formula, 1 gem, 25 herbs, or 5 ore
  • Hansel's chest key (acquired as loot)

Hansel's chest contains random loot.